{Show & Tell} Felt owl brooches, key-chains & necklaces

Felt Owl by YaansoonFelt owls are so cute we can’t get enough of them! Adorned with beads and sequin, these owls have entered the hearts of our customers, especially the young ones!

Let me start with the very first felt owl I ever made!

felt-owl-Yaansoon-red2felt-owl-Yaansoon-red-backAnd here is a look at the newest family of owls we currently have on display:


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{DIY} Handmade felt owl brooch

Felt Owl by Yaansoon - DIYI gave this handmade felt owl brooch away, and I miss the cute little guy. In his memory, I am making more Spring-y owls as key-chains and brooches, and hope to share them with you in the near future.

To make felt owls like this one you need:

  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Card stock and pencil (to create a template)
  • Seed beads
  • Buttons or wooden beads
  • Thread and needle (black – to string the beads and sew the nose and tummy)
  • Thick cotton twine (white), with thick needle
  • Brooch fittings OR safety pin (to sew to the owl’s back)
  • Stuffing (like cotton)


  1. Freehand the silhouette of an owl onto some card stock but try and make it as symmetrical as possible.
  2. Cut out the owl shape and use it as a template. Place the template on a folded piece of felt and trace the shape onto the felt.
  3. Cut the folded felt carefully to get two identical owl shapes.
  4. On the front part sew a V-shaped felt piece for the beak, and a U-shaped felt piece for the tummy.
  5. Sew on an O-shaped bead border around the tummy.
  6. Sew on the Eyes (two wooden beads).
  7. Sew the brooch findings to the “right side” of the other felt piece.
  8. Start stitching both owl-shaped pieces together by using a blanket stitch – and stuff some cotton in before stitching the owl closed.


The last thing you can do is add a tiny dot of cement glue or any white glue to the twine after you cut it and secure it to the back of the owl so it won’t show.

Making a felt owl is an enjoyable exercise, especially that each owl will have a charterer of its own. Making mistakes while you are stitching is also OK; it adds to the glamor of this handmade piece!

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