2016 Resolutions: New Yaansoon Logo + Artistic Journey Infographic with Milestones

2016 Resolutions: New Yaansoon Logo + Artistic Journey Milestones & InfographicAs some of you may know, Yaansoon started out as a handcrafts project and has gone through different stages over the past couple of years, before turning into the nickname I’m using as an illustrator and artist. My previous experience in handcrafts has really influenced my sense of aesthetic today as an illustrations aficionado. Yesterday, I launched a new logo for Yaansoon, and I think it’s a good opportunity to create a timeline that documents my journey and the history behind the logo’s development and evolution, which also reflects my growth as an artist.

I cannot start by explaining how much I love illustration, and how joyful the past year has been, ever since I decided to turn my life around and follow my passion for illustration and art! I owe this transformation to handcrafts, actually. Starting out as a self-taught designer-maker has allowed me the opportunity to learn about materials, textures and techniques that came with making handmade jewelry and hand-printed textiles. And I must say that Pinterest has been instrumental in advancing my visual education, and if I had the chance to thank the creators of Pinterest personally I would be more than honored to do so. So without further ado, let’s recap around 3 years of fabulous learning, growth and experimentation in the world of handcrafts and art!

{DIY Packaging} Make your own indie-business tags | By Yaansoon2012

The idea of Yaansoon was launched December 2012 as a handcrafts project. I started working on the branding and launched a website, blog, and social media pages on Pinterest, Google +, and Tumblr. My digital design skills at the time were limited to Photoshop, and this has a lot to do with how the logo turned out to be.

Yaansoon - Handcrafted Copper Broach Collection | Handmade pins and broaches | Copper-plated wire jewelry with beads

DIY jewelry display stand | By Yaansoon2013

My first creations were in copper wire jewelry. I incorporated gemstones and ethnic beads into some of my creations, and I love how quirky my jewelry pieces looked at the time. I sold my pieces at a local brick-and-mortar shop, and spent a lot of time developing handmade packaging for the different pieces, such as brooches, rings, and necklaces – as each needed a different kind of packaging.

Hand-printed paisley pouch, 100% Cotton | Handmade by Yaansoon2014

I started creating hand-printed pillow cases and pouches using 100% cotton. I sold those at a brick-and-mortar shop.

Handmade Tribal-Print Kitchen Oven Mitt | FREE-Shipping | Tribal Kitchen Textiles | Cotton BBQ Mitten | Gifts for Her | By YAANSOON2015

Early 2015, my husband and I started developing a line of kitchen linens with tribal motifs inspired by nomadic cultures. These included oven mitts, aprons and dish towels, and were sold at a brick-and-mortar shop and a famous handcrafts gallery. I also experimented with making handmade soaps (which surprisingly sold out so quickly), felt creations, and clay brooches.

Yaansoon copper and wooden beads necklace

Kitchen linens Etsy shop by YaansoonApril 2015

I opened an Etsy shop, and moved on to introduce beaded jewelry with ethnic beads and vintage center-pieces as well as wire copper creations, along with our hand-printed textiles.

Deer Head Wall Art | Hipster, Industrial, Rustic, Forest Print, Art Prints, Printable Wall Art, Wall Décor, Instant Download | By YAANSOON on ETSY3 Amazing Ways to Use Coffee in Your Beauty Routine + Yaansoon Printable Natural Beauty Planner on EtsySeptember 2015

I started creating printable wall art for my Etsy shop. Followed by printable planner stickers, and kitchen & pantry spice jar labels. I must note that one of my strongest passions in life is spices, world culinary cultures, and herbal and organic ingredients (and all sorts of artistic creations that are inspired by these topics). At around this time, I started my 2016 printable Natural Beauty Planner.

November 2015

I started taking online courses in design, surface design and illustration.

Moroccan Quartz Throw Pillow | By Yaansoon on Society6December 2015

I opened a Society6 shop, especially that my focus was now on surface design and illustration. I started creating artwork for pillow cases, iPhone covers, throws, shower curtains, totes, and other fashion and home decor items.

Yaansoon new logo 20162016 Resolutions: New Yaansoon Logo + Artistic Journey Infographic with Milestones2016

Yesterday on January 9, 2016, I launched a new logo for Yaansoon using the knowledge and skills accumulated from my online training. I based my logo on my hand-drawn illustrations with motifs that are inspired by my culture, as well as my husband’s input and experience.

I feel I am a citizen of the world, which also means that I appreciate different styles and folk cultures. As an x-journalist and a former singer-songwriter in the world-music genre, I have been to many countries and was blessed to see different folk, tribal, and nomadic creations by locals around the globe.

In addition to my travels I have a lineage of ancestors who hail from different parts of the world, but the closest to my heart include my distant Moroccan heritage, my European roots, the nomadic heritage of the country I was born into, and my husband’s Italian background.

Although my new logo has a strong feminine vibe, I am still a strong admirer of the hipster culture and aesthetic, and of organic, minimalist, and industrial forms of home decor, fashion and art. In all honesty, I keep trying to stick to a singular artistic style amid strong currents of styles that I truly love and relate to. I hope with time I will be able to come up with a style that incorporates all of my passions in a consistent and creative way.

With that being said, I hope your plans for 2016 are on track, and that you are fueled with the kind of enthusiasm and positive attitude that will help you realize each one of them!

Yaansoon hand-illustrated branding and patterns






Gold leaf necklace with a dash of gilded inspiration

Gold Leaf Necklace, Gold Lead Jewelry, Wood Jewelry, Minimalist Wood Jewelry, Handmade Jewellery, Etsy shop I wanted to experiment with combining two extremes: Natural wood which is earthy, organic and minimalist – and glamorous  gold leaf, a shiny and bold material. I then added a brass chain to give my tree-branch pendants a vintage nostalgic twist, before adding them last night to my Etsy shop.

What I love about these handmade rope necklaces (see images at the bottom of this post) is how they draw together more than one style in an interesting way; a little bit of hipster, a little bit of boho, a little bit of vintage, and a sprinkle of organic minimalism.

What can you pair this handmade gold leaf necklace with? I thought of this beautiful Channel Cuff from Anthropologie, made from golden brass (98$). I love its porous look, lending it its organic appeal.

Anthro Channel Cuff - anthropologie.comI’ve been a gold leaf fan for a few years now. Before falling in love with gold leaf, I had a cold relationship with gold. I used to prefer silver, until gold leaf came along and changed all that. Let me share with you some of my gold leaf (and gold) favorites from a board I have on Pinterest.

Gold with mint? It’s the ultimate combination. I think it’s because mint is very close to the color of patina, that’s why it looks so good with gold leaf, reminding us of ancient gilded statues made of metals like brass and bronze.


Gold shines in a minimalist, organic-looking product, and no one does that better than INKKIT. They take organic style to a whole new level with there stylish decor and stationery.5eb257755fc1c071d2ec830e7fbc33343b956a46e7766589949e7b6d4ae6744e

A minimalist wooden tray with gold leaf, like this one, reminds us of Scandinavian decor, like this tray from The Vintage Vogue Story.

il_fullxfull.547296881_n212 Image Credits: Painted Bias Armchair via Anthropologie, gold sequins via inkkit on Etsy, metallic gold doilies via inkkit, gold leaf tray by thevintagevoguestory on Etsy.

Gold Leaf Necklace, Gold Lead Jewelry, Wood Jewelry, Minimalist Wood Jewelry, Handmade Jewellery, Etsy shopImage Credits for handmade items: Gold Leaf Necklace by Yaansoon on Etsy, Gilded Tree Branch Pendant by Yaansoon on Etsy.

Gold Leaf Necklace, Gold Lead Jewelry, Wood Jewelry, Minimalist Wood Jewelry, Handmade Jewellery, Etsy shop

The Story of a Tuareg-Inspired Tribal Necklace

Yaansoon copper and wooden beads necklace I’m fascinated by the North African culture, especially that of the nomadic tribes. I feel a deep connection with places like Morocco and Algeria. Perhaps it’s because I have a great-grandmother who was from Morocco.

Throughout my childhood I had visions of visiting Morocco and the North African countries overlooking the Mediterranean. I even wrote a song many years ago about the Moroccan cultural cuisine and the home traditions of the Moroccan family – inspired by family stories about my great-grandmother.

Several years ago, my dreams came true and my music path took me to Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia as part of a number of music tours.

But it was in Algeria that I had another dream of mine fulfilled!

Yaansoon - Tuqreg inspiration Algeria has a portion of the population of Tuareg. They make such beautiful jewelry. I took the picture above of a Tuareg Cross at my atelier, from a book I have called, “World Beads.” It’s a symbolic piece of jewelry made of Moroccan silver, and it stands for the warrior spirit of the Tuaregs.

By tradition Tuareg men cover their faces, though the women do not. There are many theories about why men veil their faces. But the one I know of is about a time, hundreds of years ago, when a large clan waged a war against Tuareg clans prompting the men to flee the scene.

Surprisingly, the Tuareg women stood their ground and defended their clan… and won!

Tuareg blue veilTo hide their shame, men started wearing blue veils to cover their faces. A ‘face’ in North African and Middle Eastern culture is a metaphor for honor and dignity. By covering their faces, the men were metaphorically restoring their honor (Source of picture to the left unknown).

According to Wikipedia, “The Tuareg (also spelled Twareg or Touareg; endonym Imuhagh) are Berber people with a traditionally nomadic pastoralist lifestyle. They are the principal inhabitants of the Saharan interior of North Africa.”

Yaansoon - Tuqreg inspiration -cSo… as it happens, I played music at a poetry festival in a small far-away oasis, nestling quietly in the vast Algerian desert. Over there, I had the pleasure of meeting a Tuareg filmmaker – who did not cover his face and who wore modern dress. I almost fainted when I learnt he was a Tuareg, but his modern outfit confused me. He told me his clan members weren’t happy with him not covering his face, but he believed we lived in modern times and old myths no longer applied. Anyhow, it was a special moment for me as I always had such tremendous admiration for this nomadic clan!

Yaansoon copper and wooden beads necklaceThis necklace by Yaansoon reminds me of Algeria and of the Tuareg…

When I created this necklace I thought of the amazing time I spent there in a real oasis, with palm trees and fresh water, and sand dunes hugging the oasis in an endless pristine desert.

I love tribal jewelry, so I decided to make my own jewelry inspired by my travels and the cultures and peoples I have encountered – using different materials, like copper wire, tribal beads, and wooden bead.

etsy logoI recently opened an Etsy Shop with my husband to make these creations available to a wider audience. You are most welcome to pay us a visit!




When you do things from your soul…

Yaansoon _ When you do things from your soul I’ve been reflecting today on the joy of making handmade objects and designs, on your own, and with basic materials. Nothing beats that.

The state of mind (and being) when you make handcrafted items is completely different from writing a report, or coming up with a presentation. In my last job I was a director of PR and I often put together presentations to pitch new businesses and clients.

I remember thinking to myself one day that my presentations have become more ‘skilled’ after I took up crafting. My attention to detail jumped to a whole new level, and my ability to multi-task quadrupled.

It’s because working with one’s hands and creating something original requires searching deep within yourself for skills you didn’t know you had in you. That’s what happened with me and my husband. Ever since we started Yaansoon, we have been surprising ourselves with ideas and creations we never knew were part of our consciousness.

I think working with hands requires putting aside your ego and walking into ‘the zone.’

Athletes know what I’m talking about.

‘The zone’ is a selfless place where you forget about everything and concentrate on applying your best to the piece you are working on. It’s the ultimate form of devotion. It’s very much a form of worship – because you are not doing it to please people, nor to look good, nor to become famous… you perfect your craft because there is no other way but to pour your soul into it.

And while you are hand-printing those textiles or making those jewelry pieces, your soul can now express herself freely without the distracting whining of the ego. This is when joy is born!

Home & Fashion: A Look Book with ‘tribal minimalist’ & ‘boho’ inspirations

Yaansoon Look Book 2015-2016It’s finally here! Our 2015-2016 Look Book is a quick guide to our tribal, nomadic and boho handmade creations.

We embedded the new Look Book on our wesbite, but you can always check it out on ISSUU.

I tried to make it as straightforward as possible. I’m usually a ‘words and pictures’ kind of gal (as I’m a former magazine managing editor), but I decided to take a different approach to our new Look Book. Less words, more pics and straightforward captions.

It was really fun to make! It basically features some of our hand-printed tribal minimalist kitchen linens and handmade boho jewelry, currently on sale at our Etsy Shop.

Oh, and I also included a couple of photos of vintage kilims, as they are in deed a source of inspiration for us here at Yaanoosn.

In a previous post about Tribal and Nomadic Inspirations a couple of days ago, I speak about the motifs we add to our hand-printed linens and textiles, in relation to the loom-spun kilims and carpets created by Bedouin communities around West Asia and the Levant. Our jewelry collection, on the other hand, features both bohemian and eco influences.

Well, that’s it for now. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below… meanwhile, I wish you a wonderful and productive evening/day!

Yaansoon Etsy banner - minimalist boho handmade