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Yaansoon freebie wallpaper - Love What You Do - WOOD - PC - free printable, free wallpaper, downloadable desktop wallpaper, freebie, hipster desktop wallpaper, free desktop background Yaansoon freebie wallpaper - Love What You Do - WOOD - PC - free printable, free wallpaper, downloadable desktop wallpaper, freebie, hipster desktop wallpaper, free desktop backgroundHello! Well I’m excited to release my 1st ever free desktop wallpaper. I chose “Love What You Do” as the design’s motivational  message since this is more or less the reason behind starting Yaansoon.

With my latest obsession with hipster coffee shops and hand-drawn typography, it seemed only fitting to bring in some woody vibes to this wallpaper with a splash of white type! Hopefully having this on your screen will brighten up your day and will also remind you of all the things you love to do. I love a bit of wood in the background as it gives a kind of  hipster/rustic/industrial feel to your screen and I’m hoping to perhaps get a bit of time over the coming few weeks to rustle up a few more downloadable freebies for all you lovely followers and supporters.

If you fancy this desktop wallpaper then simply download it right here. Enjoy!

3-Yaansoon DOWNLOAD FREEBIENOTE: All freebies, printables and images by Yaansoon are intended for private non-commercial use.


This post was featured on a Japanese social media website as seen here & here. Lovely to see all our Japanese and international readers stop by our blog!

Freebie: Desktop Wallpaper | 無料ダウンロードできる | デスクトップ壁紙 | お洒落木目調

デスクトップ壁紙, お洒落木目調, 無料ダウンロードできる、オシャレ・カッコイイデスクトップ壁紙

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Pinterest Picks: Blue and White





c5a44b3fe516f25e66008e35d6aa7f6fI love blue and white. A blue-and-white palette brings comfort and style that’s both calm, and collected. It’s also very romantic!

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to navy/indigo blues and various shades of white, called Decor | Indigo. There are a few mint decor pieces, but the majority of the pictures are in hues of the ocean.

I like to incorporate this lovely color palette in my work, such as the pieces below.

Yaansoon copper and wooden beads necklaceUnique Tribal Kitchen Potholder | FREE-Shipping | Hand-Printed, Kitchen Linens, Gifts for Her | Gray & Turquoise | By YAANSOON Yaansoon Handmade Kitchen Textiles_Tribal Potholder_ Turquoise & Gray_Etsy1bImage credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Tribal Tuareg Necklace by Yaansoon), 7 (Yaansoon), 8 (Tribal Kitchen Potholder by Yaansoon).


The Story of a Tuareg-Inspired Tribal Necklace

Yaansoon copper and wooden beads necklace I’m fascinated by the North African culture, especially that of the nomadic tribes. I feel a deep connection with places like Morocco and Algeria. Perhaps it’s because I have a great-grandmother who was from Morocco.

Throughout my childhood I had visions of visiting Morocco and the North African countries overlooking the Mediterranean. I even wrote a song many years ago about the Moroccan cultural cuisine and the home traditions of the Moroccan family – inspired by family stories about my great-grandmother.

Several years ago, my dreams came true and my music path took me to Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia as part of a number of music tours.

But it was in Algeria that I had another dream of mine fulfilled!

Yaansoon - Tuqreg inspiration Algeria has a portion of the population of Tuareg. They make such beautiful jewelry. I took the picture above of a Tuareg Cross at my atelier, from a book I have called, “World Beads.” It’s a symbolic piece of jewelry made of Moroccan silver, and it stands for the warrior spirit of the Tuaregs.

By tradition Tuareg men cover their faces, though the women do not. There are many theories about why men veil their faces. But the one I know of is about a time, hundreds of years ago, when a large clan waged a war against Tuareg clans prompting the men to flee the scene.

Surprisingly, the Tuareg women stood their ground and defended their clan… and won!

Tuareg blue veilTo hide their shame, men started wearing blue veils to cover their faces. A ‘face’ in North African and Middle Eastern culture is a metaphor for honor and dignity. By covering their faces, the men were metaphorically restoring their honor (Source of picture to the left unknown).

According to Wikipedia, “The Tuareg (also spelled Twareg or Touareg; endonym Imuhagh) are Berber people with a traditionally nomadic pastoralist lifestyle. They are the principal inhabitants of the Saharan interior of North Africa.”

Yaansoon - Tuqreg inspiration -cSo… as it happens, I played music at a poetry festival in a small far-away oasis, nestling quietly in the vast Algerian desert. Over there, I had the pleasure of meeting a Tuareg filmmaker – who did not cover his face and who wore modern dress. I almost fainted when I learnt he was a Tuareg, but his modern outfit confused me. He told me his clan members weren’t happy with him not covering his face, but he believed we lived in modern times and old myths no longer applied. Anyhow, it was a special moment for me as I always had such tremendous admiration for this nomadic clan!

Yaansoon copper and wooden beads necklaceThis necklace by Yaansoon reminds me of Algeria and of the Tuareg…

When I created this necklace I thought of the amazing time I spent there in a real oasis, with palm trees and fresh water, and sand dunes hugging the oasis in an endless pristine desert.

I love tribal jewelry, so I decided to make my own jewelry inspired by my travels and the cultures and peoples I have encountered – using different materials, like copper wire, tribal beads, and wooden bead.

etsy logoI recently opened an Etsy Shop with my husband to make these creations available to a wider audience. You are most welcome to pay us a visit!




New Etsy Shop for Tribal-Inspired Handcrafts

Yaansoon Etsy Shop | Tribal Minimalist, Boho, Textiles, Linens and JewelryA new Etsy shop is promising to bring you a fresh take on tribal and nomadic inspiration, with a dash of bohemian love. That’s our shop, Yaansoon on Etsy.

I wanted to post this self-designed flier (above) the minute we opened the shop a while back, but I thought I’ll pace myself (hehe).

It’s a solo act between me and my husband. We do everything from creating the hand-printed kitchen linens, boho necklaces and rings, and Eco-friendly crafts and jewelry… to photography, design, social media posts, packaging, thinking, designing and writing.

Main new - moonfruit yaansoon - minimalist bohoOur Etsy shop is n both English and Italian. It has a collection of hand-printed aprons, tea towels, oven mitts, and potholders. We’re calling this collection the ‘Tribal Minimalist’ line.

We also have bohemian jewelry, such as this handmade necklace above. Here is the link to the necklace on Etsy.

Yaansoon Eco-friendly Jewelry - Boho Tree-Branch NecklaceEco-jewelry is also part of our work, such as these necklaces. And this is the link to the only tree-branch necklace that is available at Etsy for now. We have a few more to go.

We love Etsy. It’s such a friendly marketplace and it has such great sense of community with the sellers and the buyers. So, on your next trip to Etsy, don’t forget to drop by and visit us :)

Italiano | Fatto a Mano

Benvenuti Nel NOSTRO BLOG | Yaansoon | Global Chic | Fatto a Mano. Minimalista. BohoCreiamo gioielli bohémien unici usando pietre semipreziose e legno, fili di rame, e autentiche perline tribali. Facciamo anche biancheria da cucina estremamente stilizzata, come grembiuli, presine, guanti da forno e strofinacci, che portano singolari stampi tribali ispirati agli antichi Kilim tessuti a mano. Venite a trovarci!

yaansoon-copper-and-wooden-beads-necklace-2.jpgFatta artigianalmente dai due designers artigiani di Yaansoon, questa collana fonde le tecniche tradizionali del wire wrapping con lo stile contemporaneo. Questa collana portatrice di serenità e pace interiore è fatta con filo di rame, perline di legno, piccole perline di vetro e una perlina di ceramica artigianale blu. La perlina di ceramica grande quanto una nocciola (al centro) è fatta a mano da artigiani del Nord Africa e ha un significato particolare per chi la indossa.

When you do things from your soul…

Yaansoon _ When you do things from your soul I’ve been reflecting today on the joy of making handmade objects and designs, on your own, and with basic materials. Nothing beats that.

The state of mind (and being) when you make handcrafted items is completely different from writing a report, or coming up with a presentation. In my last job I was a director of PR and I often put together presentations to pitch new businesses and clients.

I remember thinking to myself one day that my presentations have become more ‘skilled’ after I took up crafting. My attention to detail jumped to a whole new level, and my ability to multi-task quadrupled.

It’s because working with one’s hands and creating something original requires searching deep within yourself for skills you didn’t know you had in you. That’s what happened with me and my husband. Ever since we started Yaansoon, we have been surprising ourselves with ideas and creations we never knew were part of our consciousness.

I think working with hands requires putting aside your ego and walking into ‘the zone.’

Athletes know what I’m talking about.

‘The zone’ is a selfless place where you forget about everything and concentrate on applying your best to the piece you are working on. It’s the ultimate form of devotion. It’s very much a form of worship – because you are not doing it to please people, nor to look good, nor to become famous… you perfect your craft because there is no other way but to pour your soul into it.

And while you are hand-printing those textiles or making those jewelry pieces, your soul can now express herself freely without the distracting whining of the ego. This is when joy is born!